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Your email address will not be published. Beacon. Parking at Minnewaska State Park Preserve is reduced by 50 percent. The region’s state parks and historic sites are regularly closing locations like Bear Mountain State Park, Minnewaska State Park Preserve, and Sam’s Point Area on days when overcrowding occurs and trails reach capacity. The East Hudson Highlands trails from Garrison Arden Point to Peekskill, that section of the Appalachian trail is open. Tough navigating all the different sites and doing process of elimination. Good luck! Beginning April 15, Rockland Lake, Nyack Beach, and Hook Mountain State Park are closed to the public. That’s a great question! Storm King is a great hike, but if you’re going on a weekend, I think if you’re not there by 9am, you’ve already missed the boat. FYI. Equestrian Riders: Check the weather, bring water and know where to find water. I do not recommend the William R. Steingaus Dutchess Rail Trail btw is for bikers not for hikers. It’s a bummer for sure, but some trails are slowly starting to open back up, so perhaps Anthony’s Nose will be available to us again before too long. According to the Silver Sands homepage (, looks like the park itself is open, but the main connector boardwalk is closed, since it is too narrow to allow for proper distancing. The Kaaterskill Wild Forest remains open to the public. Sorry if this information is already listed, but I could not find anything. If you want to continue on to the fire tower, most of the walk is level, which is a tease because the final stretch is a series of steep boulders to climb over. ), If you want to make the searching even easier, just limit yourself to Scenic Hudson parks. Hi Mike! I was wondering if the Indian Ladder Trail is open, and it’s not according to the website for Thacher State Park. (Thank you for the heads-up, Angel! NO ONE I’VE SEEN GOING TO AND FROM THE BNR TRAILHEADS IS WEARING A MASK!!! Seven Lake Drive is still open. Hopefully there wont be too much rain. Some volunteers are expressing reluctance to answer calls for help on the trails, so it’s likely you might just have to get yourself down the mountain with your broken leg, twisted ankle, or find your way back to the road in the dark on your own. Thank you for everything you do! I’m having a bit of trouble locating information about Allander Mountain and Race Mountain. Hope that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for! Thanks for the kind words! Thank you so much! Thanks so much, FT! I have found your resource to be the most helpful thus far so thank you. Thank you so much, this is incredibly useful! . I see that Fort Montgomery is closed, but as far as I can gather that shouldn’t affect the alternative lot you recommend here? Hi, Alexa! Hello Joy and Louisa and fellow hikers, were you able to on the Fishkill Ridge trail or White trail near Beacon? According to Ryan’s comment below, the scrambles at Mohonk are indeed open again. Hi Suzi! Tammany not very useful for the time being. Happy (and safe) adventuring out there! Yes, I found from MTA employer at GC that those seasonal hiking MTA stops, like Manitou which connects with Adirondack or Breakneck Ridge stations might not open until September actually. As long as you make sure to grab the earliest possible train, though, that’s probably the best plan for a Saturday visit. Getting There There are several trail heads to hike Mount Beacon. This hike is full of the best things the Columbia Gorge has to offer: easy access and parking, well-maintained trail, wildflowers galore, two waterfalls, and views to knock off your sweaty socks. However, the easiest access is on highway 9D. Starting April 6, all Rockland County parks are closed to the public. I *believe* that Anthony’s Nose is now open — it is no longer showing up as a closure on the Hudson Highlands homepage: Hope that helps, and good luck out there! Mike – sorry, I didn’t mean to skip your kid comments! The Appalachian Trail Conservancy just loosened its guidance, and you could do a nice, long hike (as long as you’d like!) So I think this one is still good to go! Nichole is right — according to the Massachusetts State Park homepage for Bash Bish (, it looks like the park is generally open, but the restrooms are closed. It didn't seem a particularly difficult climb and we were stopping every so often to take pictures, but when we got to the top any malicious feelings we were harboring over the journey were relinquished. Great list, thanks so much. I’ve updated the closure list with Dover Stone Church’s re-opening. Izabela. That would have been confusing to people who just read in the previous paragraph that Breakneck was closed. See RB’s helpful comment below for more details — sounds like you can still make this hike happen if you’re willing to walk a little further from a different lot. I know campgrounds are closed for overnight stays but wasn’t sure about trails. Thanks so much, RB! — Gifford Pinchot National Forest : Ape Caves and Road 8303 remain closed. As far as I know, the only legal place to park for Indian Brook Falls is the small lot at Constitution Marsh, which is now closed. I suspect (but can’t promise) that they’re open. Hope you made it out there and had a great hike, Judith! Thanks for helping others to avoid that confusion — much appreciated! Hi, MLM – I saw some videos of the parking situation along 9D last weekend, and it looked like a nightmare. Are they open? Tammany, buried on their closure page: Yes – thanks to you both! Thank you! The recent posts on the park’s Facebook page ( also seem to suggest that the park is open, but wildly overcrowded on weekends (with parking lots shutting down around 10:15am). There isn’t a parking lot for Anthony’s Nose, at least not at the 9D trailhead. The closure list above is updated with the latest, along with a link to the NY-NJ Trail Conference trail alert on the closures. information I’ve been able to find to date. This leads to the Casino Trail (red markers). Izabela. Do you know of any trails that opened by now in Hudson Valley? From 87, take I-84 East. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for taking the time to keep this up to date, and for your guidance about how to use these trails responsibly during the pandemic. Let me know how it is if you go? Scenic Hudson has closed one of its parks to protect public health and prevent further spread of COVID-19. Too many hikers, too many trains stopping, too many injuries, too much damage to the trails, and too many cars. The mountain consists of two peaks. Whatever you decide to do, good luck out there! That alternative lot is the way to go (i did P. Torne mid April or so). Sounds awesome! Mount Beacon is beautiful but this hike is quite the challenge. (For good measure, I’ll swing this answer past the park manager, so he can correct me if I’m wrong.). Get there early though as we all know Bear Mountain is a very popular spot these days. I believe you can count red wing recreation area as technically closed since the gates are always closed and locked? Do you know if that MTA stop operate at all times or limited only to season for this Appalachian swamp trail? I’m definitely enjoying this age but get a little nervous with them in some scenarios. Hi, is break neck ridge currently closed? It’s most definitely a bummer, but those are the rules for now. Firstly, THANK YOU for your tireless dedication to the hiking community, your trail guides are a huge help! Do you know if the Fishkill Ridge and the White Trails are open ? From New York City, take either 684 or 87 to I-84. (The only blah hike we’ve done since the shut-down started was one NOT from Hike the Hudson Valley) We are planning on trying out the Popolopen Torne tomorrow. Know your level. More importantly, as an avid hiker and advisor for a high school outdoors club, THANK YOU for all you do with your wonderful, highly informative website. I dont understand why Hudson valley is still shut down. I drove past Breakneck Ridge and Mt. Required fields are marked *. Other trails in the park are open though. Izabela, Mike, do you know if Harriman State Park is open ? Even before the trails were closed because of fears of overcrowding that could spread COVID-19, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference in late March began asking hikers and runners to … Hi, Lauren! I was thinking to take a Metro North west of Hudson to there this weekend. From the trail, you can look down (foliage permitting) onto a a waterfall. I would avoid them on weekends. Storm King is indeed open, but I would definitely heed Mark’s advice. In general, hikes rated a 6 or lower should be manageable with your squiggly little entourage. It caused me to dig around a little and find updated guidance from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). I would not go there on a weekend unless you plan to get there very, very early. This is a running list. As noted above, I’m just a dude with a website, so I’d appreciate any Thank you so much, JC! Hope this helps. Is anything here incorrect or out-of-date? Yes, indeed, sure looks as though it’s closed. The Casino Trail ends on the Wilkinson Memorial Trail (yellow markers). Apologies for not getting a reply to you earlier! Scenic Hudson’s Mount Beacon Park parking area and trailhead on Howland Ave in Beacon are closed to the public as of March 27. Yes! As I’ve been updating this page since its original posting, it has occurred to me that it might be helpful for people to know what I’ve been changing. Beginning May 20, the Visitors Center, West Trapps, East Trapps Connector, Spring Farm, and Upper Duck Pond Trailheads are open. And yes, I highly recommend that anyone visiting any of those hikes does it sometime other than a weekend afternoon. do you know if lemon squeeze is still closed? Thanks so much, Chantelle! If you do visit here, I’d definitely only visit at an off-peak time (weekdays, and very early or very late in the day). Parking on westbound I-80 is closed, but rangers route you across the highway to DWG parking lot; It’s an extra 0.3-0.5 mile walk to the trailhead. Mount Beacon should be closed because of the stairs — you can’t remain 6 feet apart. UPDATE: Effective immediately, Scenic Hudson’s Mount Beacon Park parking area and trailhead on Howland Ave. in Beacon is closed to the public. Much appreciated. Please let me know what you would recommend. The best I can say is that I haven’t heard that they’re closed. You can find good information (along with a link to find out which state forests are closed to camping at the moment) on this NY DEC Primitive Camping page. I wish they’d be consistent with where they put updates for the trail. and accurate! Let’s make use of these long days and hit some Tuesday evening hikes! No mention of a Dunnfield lot closure. Happy (and safe) adventuring out there! Here’s where I got it from. Harriman is not entirely closed, but some roads within the park are indeed still closed. Enjoy if you (carefully!) I will update the page above immediately with additional closures (and openings!) Thanks! Where exactly can we park? Directions. Really appreciate the info! In Fishkill, Breakneck Ridge, Fishkill Ridge, Notch Trail, and Wilkinson Trailhead are closed. Hi, Izabela! The Coxing Trailhead at Mohonk Preserve is closed. Here’s What to Do in the Hudson Valley This Week, Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary, Rockland Lake, Nyack Beach, and Hook Mountain State Park, Staatsburg’s Award-Winning Winery Crafts Vine-to-Glass Vintages on a Breathtaking Hillside, A Sign of the Times During the Hudson Valley’s COVID-19 Crisis. My blanket advice these days is to NOT go hiking on weekend afternoons, and either get up at the crack of dawn on weekends, or use these nice long days to visit on weekdays or weekday evenings. It’s much more pleasant to climb that way. Really appreciate you sharing the news! BEACON, Dutchess County (15 acres) — Yes, the trail up Mount Beacon is steep, but switchbacks keep the workout manageable. Anthony’s Nose and the Appalachian Trail connector are closed in Cortlandt. We haven’t done breakneck and going back to what Mike was saying we stick to 7 and under on his ratings. I have a friend who went hiking at storm king last Thursday 5/7 and said it was open! For anything rated a 7 or higher, I’d take a look at the difficulty explanation to see why it’s rated so high — either distance, steepness, tough terrain, or all of the above, then decide from there whether you and your crew are up for it. As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on the region and the nation as a whole, many are turning to the Hudson Valley’s parks and trails to make the most of social distancing in nature. Indeed, Bear Hill Preserve sure looks closed from that info. Please post any updates in the comments, and I will keep this page updated regularly throughout the crisis. Yes indeed, it is included in the closure list above. I guess an official saw a post about the boulder and decided to close the trail. Thank you, Jo! Do you know if we can camp on a trail? thank you for the resources you have contributed to the hiking community of Hudson Valley. Can someone please make a list of OPEN trails? Light foot traffic, just practice social distance. With the caveat that Leave No Trace principles and NY State Land Camping rules must be followed, yes, backcountry camping is still an option in a few locations. Hi, Peter! If so, do you have any insight on where I could park if they’ve restricted capacity? Or still closed due to covid ? Very helpful. The trails are open and everything else should be business as usual, as I understand it. Thanks so much for the kind words! Washington State Forest (where both of those hikes are located) only mentions the closure of pavilions, camping, and facilities — no mention of trail closures. I just checked that page, and they do NOT specifically call out the Overlook Trail or White Trail up to Lambs Hill. Depending on the map, it may be called Mount Beacon or Beacon Mountain. I road past there today I believe you have an old update on the its page even though the update is dated 5/16/2020. Beacon, Breakneck Ridge, and Bull Hill are open again! It was getting absolutely mobbed, and they had to shut it down for now. Mt Tammany was open last Sunday, May 3. I also saw recent pictures from folks who were climbing the scramble at Bonticou, so you should be safe to put this one in your rotation again. Thanks! Thanks, Mark! I know there are unofficial ways to walk in but do locked gates count as closed? Have a great adventure out there! Hi Mark, how about the picnic/grill areas? During the pandemic we also are trying to not do too much rock scrambling to lower their touch points. The Mt. I’ve expressed my appreciation for the work you do a couple of times over the years I’ve used your site, but reviewing this list of closures today makes me want to say it again, loud: THANK YOU! Breakneck has been a problem for years. From May 1 forward, I’ll leave a trail of breadcrumbs here so you’ll know what’s different above. The hike was awesome – a little crowded on the climb up and down the thorne but otherwise pretty empty and beautiful. Please see the Schunemunk warning in the closure list above — the park is not closed, but the most popular approach is. Yes, Storm King is indeed open. Thanks so much, Jesse! Amid the coronavirus pandemic, access to the Mount Beacon Park is closed. Tammany from the “Closure” list to the “Parking restrictions” list based on your comment. This isn’t just my favorite resource for hiking in the Hudson Valley, it’s also one of the best-organized, best-maintained, most helpful hiking resources I’ve seen anywhere. If you want to get to the Beacon fire tower and the old casino site, but you're tired of crowded parking lots and trails, this loop provides an alternative. Let me know any recommendation you might have! If that’s incorrect, I hope someone will let us know here. As per New York State mandate, any individuals who choose to visit still-open parks and trails need to practice social distancing and wear face masks in proximity of others. — Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area: The Beacon Rock Trail and several Oregon waterfall trails remain closed., Hi, Joy! Was it open? For official information, here are some wonderful resources from official-type people: Harriman State Park: Several roads within the park are closed. They also towed cars that were parked on both sides of the road even though there are no parking signs all up and down the road. Nadia, thank you for the heads-up! the Dunnfield Creek parking lot (off of I-80) in the Delaware Water Gap is closed, making Mt. visit! Poughkeepsie-based Scenic Hudson is temporarily prohibiting access to Mount Beacon Park. State officials closed the park's hiking trails as a brush fire … Hi, Danielle! Your info is hot off the presses! The Testimonial Gateway Trailhead is open for daily use from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning May 23. The DEC is blocking roads connecting to North-South Lake Campground as well. Please see the update on the Appalachian Trail above, at the bottom of the Closure list — the short version is that I *believe* Lion’s Head is open, and that the ATC has relaxed their closure stance a bit to allow for some socially-distanced, cautious trail usage. Thank you! They’ve been doing their best to keep their parks open, and have only closed Mt. The limited parking is creating parking problems throughout Cold Spring and Philipstown and visitors are still wandering our streets-largely without wearing personal protection. Does anyone know if Fishkill Ridge – Lambs Hill is still open? Not a perfect solution, but I promise to update this page quickly when there are changes (and appreciate everyone’s help in catching any changes that need to be documented above). From this info it doesn’t look like it’s closed, but I’m a little confused about the parking. I saw you listed Anthony’s Nose as open again. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. thank you in advance! So you could probably just ignore my original comment (except for the expression of gratitude part!). Check in regularly for updates about local trail closures. Thinking about stepping foot outside for a breath of fresh air? I’ve just moved Mt. The following State Parks have filled to capacity and are currently closed to incoming visitors and traffic. p.s. I am considering Beacon for tomorrow, Sunday, or William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail in Poughkeepsie. People park along 9D and it’s a bit treacherous when busy. Is it possible to join with a couple ppl for when the reopening will take place? If you go on a nice weekend day, I’d highly recommend getting there as close to dawn as possible to avoid crowds. ( That is concerning that the Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve lists Fishkill Ridge as closed, though. Also, the Ninham fire tower is also open to the public too. Scenic Hudson and the City of Beacon have determined that the level of public use at this location is making it impossible for people to comply with CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus. I just wanted to ask, I have really been wanting to hike the Wittenberg & Cornell Trail…. Does anyone have any advice on the time you should get to Breakneck on a weekend to avoid crowds? The trail climbs steeply to some old ruins of a casino. Very much appreciated! DEC and State Parks Encourage Responsible Recreation During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference trail alerts, New York Department of Environmental Conservation Facebook page, tree work being performed along the Cabot Trail and Perkins Memorial Trail, All NY state park playgrounds, facilities are closed, All NY state-operated campgrounds are closed to overnight visitation, this post from the Catskill Interpretive Center, Town of Dover website has a notice posted,*F,,,, here’s a little blurb about it from the site’s FAQ,,,,,,,,,,,,, If we all go hiking, none of us will be able to go hiking. . Due to the narrow nature of the park’s trails, this park is not optimal for social distancing. Okay, without further ado, here is all of the trail closure It’s odd to me that Scenic Hudson doesn’t list Fishkill Ridge as closed, since it is one of their parks, but Angel just tried that hike this week and found it closed. We got one of the last parking spots at about 8:30am last Sunday. Although parking has been limited, somewhat, at Breakneck Ridge there are still crowds of people showing up on nice days to hike this trail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Hope that makes life easier for everyone. as new information becomes available. The Dennings Point Trail is approximately 0.6 miles one-way, though the park map lists it as 1.6 miles for some reason. this one is open I presume according to this website. Is that right?

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